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  • Kaitlyn Landaverde, APA

The 10X Rule By Grant Cardone

The New York Times Best Seller, “The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone is the one book that will make you feel invigorated and will wash away your self-doubt. Reading The 10X Rule is like taking a great step toward motivation and holding oneself accountable. Cardone’s book exposes misconceptions many people hold surrounding success and provides tips to change those bad habits. Not only does Cardone call readers out on poor habits, but as a man who has been both very low in life (financially, spiritually, and physically) and has also single handedly built one of the most successful empires of the sales industry, he allows his readers to see that anything is possible with enough dedication and discipline. In his book, Cardone explains that success is every human being’s “duty, obligation, and responsibility.” Cardone, as a sales mentor and motivational speaker, provides tools for his readers to reflect on their decision making and goals. The 10X Rule dares its readers to take their goals and multiply them by 10, to not only dream big but to work at 10X the level you had previously. Cardone throws all ideas of mediocrity and being average out the window, allowing his readers to see the agency to live the lives they want lies in their hands, no excuses.

I praise Cordone’s nonconformist ideologies, especially as an inexperienced book writer, who has only written one other motivational book. Cardone lost his father at the age of 10, lost his brother a few years later, and grew up struggling financially, events which he now realizes have shaped his character and goal-orientated mindset. The 10X Rule encourages readers to dream big and to gather their plans for action. This book has changed my mindset, putting the power to form my success in my hands, and allowing me to take full responsibility for my past.

A perfect book for all ages, from a student dreaming of doing big things, to a middle aged divorcee wishing to change his turn of luck. Cardone allows the reader to realize anything is possible. I absolutely recommend The 10X Rule to anyone who wants to start this new year right and to succeed in life. Be sure to check out more of Grant Cardone’s work in motivational speaking and his other books to fully indulge in all his advice and mindset.

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