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Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Winter break is fast approaching, and with that, the promise of the holidays. This gift guide is designed to help provide ideas and advice with the goal of checking everyone off your list this year.


Ulta Beauty’s “Refresh Your Skin” sample kit

This skincare set costs $12.99. The set includes eight different products from brands such as Mario Badescu, Neutrogena, Garnier, Tony Moly and more. Every product in this set has a four star rating or above at Ulta’s website.

Ulta Beauty’s “Refresh Your Skin” sample kit

Ulta Beauty's “Pixar Body Duo” sets.

Inspired by different Pixar movies, each of these sets costs $14 and includes a two ounce bottle of lotion and a two ounce body wash. Lemon Meringue scented is inspired by the “Toy Story” franchise, Salted Caramel by “Monster’s Inc.” and Berry Sorbet by “Finding Nemo.” These are great gifts for any Disney fan you’re shopping for this year. Additionally, Ulta has an entire line of Pixar inspired products that might be worth looking into.

Too Faced’s “Plumping Station To Go

This set from Too Faced costs $32 and includes four of their best selling items. These products include travel sized versions of their Lip Injection Instant Lip Plumper, Long Term Lip Plumper, Glossy and Bossy Lip Gloss, and their Plump and Prime Plumping Primer Serum. These incredible products are all highly reviewed at ULTA and perfect for the makeup savant in your life. “Plumping Station To Go” is also available at Target and Sephora.


Eat What You Watch Cookbook | Roman Holiday, Saturday Night Fever

This $25 cookbook from Uncommon Goods is perfect both for the foodie or the film nerd in your life. With 41 recipes inspired by 41 movies, this cookbook covers dishes from all of your favorite cult classics, plucking meals right from the screen and serving them on your table.

Lush cosmetics sleepy gift set

Lush cosmetics sleepy gift set

This gift set costs $18.95, and includes two of Lush’s best selling products tied up in a neat little bow. I can personally say that both of these products are worth it. If you’re looking for a cuter bath/shower gift set, Lush is a great place to start. They have a ton of sets, all pre-wrapped with a description of each product on the label.

Yankee candle’s personalized candles

Each personalized candle ranges from $22 to $60 (based on the size of the candle you choose). This is a great gift for anyone and an easy way to show that you care about somebody without putting too much effort into being thoughtful.


Rage Room Gift Card

You can purchase a Rage Room gift card for a minimum amount of $25 and a maximum of a whopping $2000. Redeemable at Break Stuff NJ in New Brunswick, this gift is great for anybody who needs to relieve a lot of stress.

Rage Room Gift Card

Broadway Tickets

Since New Jersey is about 30 minutes from New York City, what better gift is there for the theater lover in your life than to see a Broadway show? This year, many Broadway shows are reopening after almost a year of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tickets range from$49 to $149 based on show and seats. Shows I recommend seeing are:

“Come From Away” is the story of 38 planes that had to make emergency landings in Gander Airport on 9/11. The plane people, as they're referred to in the show, come together with music, dance, laughter and tears.

“Aladdin” is the tale of a well-intentioned street rat who discovers a magical genie lamp that can grant him any wish. Some exceptions, of course, include bringing people back from the dead, granting unlimited wishes and making people fall in love.

“Hadestown” is a Great Depression inspired, post-apocalyptic version of the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. The story, narrated by Hermes, messenger god and Orpheus's mentor, as well as by the Fates. This Tony award winner follows idealistic Orpheus and pragmatic Eurydice as they fall in love, fall apart and climb back together. (Warning, this one is sad, though I've heard it’s worth it).

If you can’t seem to find inspired gifts for the people who mean the most to you, try one of these guaranteed treasures. But remember, the best gift is the gift of attention, so make sure to spend this holiday season with the people you love the most.

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