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  • Sara Schwartz, AAHS

Everything You Need to Know About Among Us

You’ve probably heard about an online game Among Us. If you haven’t, here’s a complete guide to Among Us so you’ll understand all the memes. This guide will include a general overview and tutorial of the game, rumors of upcoming updates to the game and different “game modes” to play with your friends. It will also feature some recent news about the game, including New York politician Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez livestreaming herself playing and a famous hacker, known as Eris Loris, taking over Among Us servers.

General Overview and Tutorial

First things first, our general overview. The story of this game is that there are a number of astronauts on a spaceship. A player can either be a crewmate or an impostor. Both are tasked with finding and defeating each other.

In a game, you can have anywhere from four to ten players, all different colors. Accessories include hats, pets and skins. When someone refers to their “main” in Among Us, they’re talking about the color they usually play as. My main is purple with a cherry or a sheriff’s hat.

When playing, you can either create a game or join a game. If you’re playing with friends, you’ll want to keep the game private so other online players can’t join. If you’re playing alone, you’ll probably join a public game with other online players. Before joining a game, you can filter public games to your liking based on which map you prefer to play in and how many impostors you would like to play with. The three maps are The Skeld (the most popular one), Mira HQ, and Polus. You can have 1, 2 or 3 impostors. Once you join a game, you are admitted into the waiting room, where you can chat, customize your color and accessories, and run around.

Crewmates are given tasks to complete around the map, to fix problems and sabotages. Examples of common tasks are swiping ID cards in admin, downloading files, and fixing wires. The impostors’ only task is to sabotage the ship and kill all the crewmates without being discovered. If an impostor is discovered, the crewmates can vote the imposter out. Once all of the imposters are discovered, the crewmates win. Crewmates can vote for anyone to be ejected during meetings.

Since the impostor is trying to kill everyone, they don’t receive tasks to complete, but often fake tasks so as not to be discovered. Another strategy is venting. In most rooms in the ship, there are tunnels in the floors called vents. An impostor has the power to go through the vents to pop into a neighboring room. Impostors must be very careful while doing this. If a crewmate sees anyone vent or do something otherwise suspicious, the crewmate will likely call an emergency meeting to vote someone out. These meetings are where the impostor gets a chance to prove his or her innocence if suspected. Whoever gets the most votes by the end of voting time is ejected off the ship.

References People Make

  • Electrical is scary!—Electrical is the room where wires, distributors, and lights are managed. When entering electrical (often called “elec”), there is a wall in front that you have to go around. Behind the first wall is where most Electrical tasks are and also a vent. The wall and the vent make this a prime killing spot for impostors, so crewmates are often killed here.

  • “Where”—When a dead body is reported, the chat will often start flooding with the word “where.” This is asking the reporter where they found the dead body in order to get some data for further investigation.

Rumors of Upcoming Updates

  • New colors

New colors will include teal, gold, silver, peach and maroon.

  • Colorblind Mode

Colorblind mode will add little symbols such as lines and stars to color-based tasks like fixing wires and to players’ bodies.

  • Add Friends

Adding friends will allow players to stay connected and play together within the app.

  • “Guardian Angels”

Rumors of new abilities for ghosts include locking vents and unlocking doors to help their living crewmates (or impostors if they’re looking for revenge).

  • Anonymous Voting

Instead of colors showing up for who voted for who, they will all appear as grey.

  • Voice chat

Voice chat will allow players to speak aloud rather than over typed messages during discussion time.

  • Detective Mode

A game mode in which a new role is introduced: the detective. The detective also has to fake tasks but they have one major power over crewmates: the double vote.

  • Jester Mode

A game mode in which another new role is introduced: the jester. The jester’s goal is to make crewmates think they are the impostor and to get voted out. If the jester does get voted out, they win the game.


Recently, a hacker who goes by the name of Eris Loris has been tampering with the game’s servers. Innersloth, the developer of Among Us, is currently doing all it can to stop this. Players have reported black screens and the chat being flooded with links to the hacker’s social media accounts and Discord servers. If this happens to you, just leave the game and join another one. Please don’t click on the Discord links for your own online safety.

AOC on Twitch

New York politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and friend of hers, Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar played Among Us on a Twitch live stream to encourage Democratic Votes this election year. The game attracted lots of attention on social media platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, and Discord. To the happiness of their fans, AOC and Omar seemed to enjoy playing Among Us, and I doubt that will be their last live stream.

Player-Created “Game Modes”

  • Vintage Mode

Turn on grayscale on your phone or PC, change your name to a variation of capital i’s and lowercase l’s, and you’re officially ready for vintage mode. Each player needs to change their names to look identical and remove all accessories, making it impossible to tell the difference between characters in the game. This will make the game appear black and white and make the game much more difficult in finding the impostor and completing tasks.

  • Survival Mode

Setting changes: 1 impostor, confirm ejects off, emergency cooldown 15 seconds, discussion time 0 seconds, voting time 15 seconds, player speed 3x, crewmate and impostor vision 0.25x, kill cooldown 10 seconds, kill distance short, visual tasks off, only 5 short tasks. In this game mode, the ultimate goal is survival. Everyone has to go as fast as they can and finish their tasks. No reporting bodies, no voting and no lying allowed (this includes impostors!). It’s okay for ghosts to speak and reveal information because no one can be voted out either way. This game mode is very fun and an adrenaline rush.

  • Duck Duck Goose Mode

The impostor has to stay in the cafeteria for the entirety of the game. At the beginning, the impostor will stay in the cafeteria for 30 seconds, giving crewmates that time to do as many tasks as they can, unbothered. After that 30 seconds is up, the impostor calls an emergency meeting to bring everyone back to the cafe and everyone has to skip their vote. After everyone skips, the impostor will go around the table and kill one person. Then, another 30 seconds is given to the remaining cremates to complete tasks and the cycle repeats itself until either the crewmates or the impostor(s) win the game. Ghosts have to do their tasks as well. This game mode is fun, interesting, and nostalgic for both crewmates and impostors.

  • Subject Pronoun Mode (AKA “Who? You? Me?)

This game mode is purely for comedic purposes. In this game mode, all players’ names have to be different subject pronouns or identifying language such as “who,” “he,” “i,” “me” and “her.” No accessories allowed. During discussion time, you’re not allowed to call people by color so you must use their name. This can be hilarious because at some point, you could rat yourself out as the impostor. This game mode is very entertaining, and I 100% recommend you try it with your friends.

  • Hide and Seek Mode

Perhaps the most popular game mode is Hide and Seek Mode. At the start of the game, the impostor has to sabotage the lights so that nobody can see. To prevent vision in case somebody wants to go against the rules, vision settings have to be set to the lowest possible value, 0.25x. Nobody is allowed to fix the lights. After the lights have been sabotaged, the impostor will give crewmates fifteen seconds to disperse from the cafeteria and start tasks. After that time is up, the impostor can start to roam and kill people. Ghosts have to do their tasks, and emergency meetings and dead body reports are not allowed. Another very entertaining game mode.

Hopefully by now you know everything there is to know about Among Us. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more info about upcoming news and updates!

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