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  • Saniya Harlalka, AAHS

Don’t Burn Out In High School!

Ah, the great burnout … a situation every student goes through at least once in his or her lifetime. It is a time of immense stress, helplessness, and frustration. High school is one of the greatest stress producers for teenagers, as it introduces a ruthless workload, advanced subjects, and many difficult exams. According to Astrid Eira, author of the article “32 Student Stress Statistics 2020,” “seventy five percent of high schoolers and fifty percent of middle schoolers described themselves as ‘often or always feeling stressed’ by schoolwork.” These high numbers are not going down anytime soon, which is why it is essential for students to learn how to start caring for themselves.

While there are no definitive prevention measures for avoiding burnout, there are a few strategies one can use to lower one’s chances of going through such an incident:

  • Create healthy habits and establish a routine

  • Make a schedule (divide up parts of the day for different things)

  • Set a reasonable study time with study breaks included

Time management is a major component many highschool students have difficulty with. Organizing your time and setting priorities will make your life easier than you can believe. This means that you have to stop procrastinating and go do your work! You will feel better when all of your work is completed, and you have that extra time to unwind and relax, free of the burden of looming assignments.

Knowing your limits and when to stop adding pressure onto yourself is also crucial to reducing stress. You have to be able to say “no” every now and then to things that you simply cannot take on. This might mean rescheduling plans with friends if you have a major exam the next day, or waiting to join a club until you have more time to actively participate.

High school is an exciting time that introduces you to many fascinating, new things, but you have to know what you can realistically take on. Set practical goals that you can accomplish, and as you progress, set higher goals and see where it takes you!

Additionally, a lot of high school students do not like asking for help, because it makes them feel embarrassed or less intelligent than their peers. It is important to note that teachers are there to help students succeed and to become the best version of themselves. So, do not be afraid to reach out to them before or after class or during their office hours on Wednesdays.

No one knows what you need better than you, so be proactive and change your lifestyle to better your quality of life. By following these steps, you will see how much of a difference it makes when you learn to take things one at a time and prioritize mental health!


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