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  • Courtney-Joy Breedan, APA

Court is in Session, an Advice Column

Hello Courtney-Joy, I’m really stressed out about the SATs. I’m currently a junior and have completed a lot of PSATs and practice; however, I’m not sure I’m quite ready. I really want to do well and be happy with my score. What do I do? Signed, Concerned SAT Taker

Hello Concerned SAT Taker,

I understand your hesitation. It is okay to feel a bit unsure of yourself at times. The best advice I can give you is to just take a moment and breathe. You don’t want to work yourself through the night and execute below your own standards in the morning. You’ve been working hard and preparing as best as you can. Therefore, I sentence you to take a couple of moments to yourself, play some music or sit in silence. Remember to breathe, meditate, relax and don’t forget to use positive affirmations to keep up your good spirit. Sometimes, we are the cause of our own downfall.

Your Friend,


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