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  • Sara Schwartz-AAHS

Boutiques around union county: Millburn edition

As a sequel to the previous edition about Westfield, this boutique article features Millburn and many of its lovely fashion spots. Today, we’ll be reviewing five boutiques, including High Line Fashion, Via Roxy Shoes, Bungalow, Jia Boutique, and Marina’s Treasures, all of which are located on Millburn Avenue. Without further ado, let’s get into our boutiques!

High Line Fashion

This was the first boutique my friends and I went to, and for the most part, it left me unsatisfied. The store has a variety of clothes and accessories to fit any event or style. But, as exciting as the variety is, the sizes, however, are not inclusive. If you’re over a size 6, you’re probably not going to find anything suited for your body type, just like I didn’t.

If you have a small body type, this would be a great store for you. The clothes are of high quality and suitable for any occasion. In the farther half of the store, there is a small fitting room area where you can find elegant dresses, try them on, and look at yourself in a wide 360º mirror setup.

The quality of the dresses is great, but again, they’re mainly suited for smaller body types, and most of the dresses end at an above-the-knee length. If you prefer longer dress lengths aesthetically or if you don’t like showing your legs, this is not the place to buy a dress. Also, the fitting rooms are connected and concealed with curtains instead of doors, which may not be ideal if you’re looking for secure privacy. Before the dress section, there are multiple racks and shelves which showcase casual clothing and accessories. This is where you’ll find more everyday clothes, like t-shirts and joggers, with multiple patterns and styles. In addition to the variety of clothing, High Line also has numerous accessory tables, which showcase purses, toys, jewelry, hair accessories, belts, pins, and more.

High Line Fashion’s address is 321 Millburn Ave, and their hours are 12p.m.-5p.m. Sundays through Mondays and 11am-6pm Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Overall, I would rate this boutique a 7/10, because the quality and variety of clothes are noteworthy; however, there are still significant flaws, such as sizing and lack of fitting room privacy.

Via Roxy Shoes

This shop focuses more on shoes, but nonetheless, it was my favorite place out of the ones my friends and I visited. When you first walk in, you get a 360º view of shoes lining every wall. The middle of the store features a row of benches for trying on shoes as well as accessory racks. Around the corners of the store, there are also a few shelves of additional items, such as jewelry, gloves, and face masks. The store is overall very well structured and organized to optimize the customer’s experience.

As for the shoes specifically, which again are the highlight of the store, there is a variety of different styles, sizes, and brands. In one corner, you can find warm boots, while in another, cute flip flops. The size range is also impressive, which is great, because it’s clear the store caters to all shapes and sizes for its customers. According to their website, Via Roxy Shoes carries at least 30 different brands of shoes!

In addition to the shoe assortments, the employees are also very nice and helpful. The two lovely ladies who assisted my friends and I were respectful and pleasant to talk to. They were by far the friendliest salespeople out of all the places included.

Via Roxy Shoes is located at 356 Millburn Ave and they’re open from 10a.m.-5p.m. Mondays through Saturdays. You can also shop their products online at

Overall, I would rate this shop a 10/10 because the quality, variety, sizes, organization, and employees all proved to be exceptional.


Bungalow was the third place we shopped at, and thankfully, it did not disappoint. Taking on a unique and bohemian aesthetic, the shop’s interior design is gorgeous and welcoming― it even smelled good! As soon as you walk in, a warm vibe sets in, and you’re surrounded by hangers and tables. This shop, by far, has the roomiest interior.

The clothes themselves consist mainly of sweaters, jeans, coats, and accessories, all of which are very cute to an acquired style. The clothes cater to particular aesthetics, so for those who have that aesthetic, this boutique is perfect. For those who don’t, it may be best just to look elsewhere.

In the back of the store, there’s a soft couch in front of two single dressing rooms, as well as a small area with candles, soap, perfume, and skincare. The area is small, but the quality seemed very good to me.

The size range of these clothes is satisfactory. It would’ve been nice to see plus-size clothing, but I could say that for a lot of other places, too. The employees in this boutique were very kind and helpful while navigating the store and trying on clothes. They found us the correct sizes and made us fashion suggestions as well.

Bungalow is located at 353 Millburn Ave and is open from 10a.m.-6p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Overall, I would rate this boutique an 8/10 because the clothes, the employees, and the ambiance were unique and wonderful. However, the lack of fitting room space and the specific styling limits did bring the rating down.

Jia Boutique

Being the fourth boutique I visited after not buying anything all day, Jia’s was very tempting for me, despite its insane prices. Jia’s is a small boutique and it sells much more jewelry than clothing. A few of the walls are lined with clothes, another lined with fitting rooms, and the entire middle of the shop is taken up by a large table of jewelry.

I picked out a red jacket to try on, and while I was in the fitting room, an employee asked several times if I needed help, despite my saying I was fine, thank you very much. I loved the jacket, but the price wasn’t very cooperative. I came out and told the woman that I would think about it and come back later, so as not to hold up my friends. The woman seemed slightly passive-aggressive, and I didn’t have the most pleasant experience with her, but I still came back for the jacket despite her and the high price.

The size range was pretty good as far as I could tell, considering the boutique mostly sells jewelry anyway. The shop is not very roomy, because the jewelry table is huge, which makes it a bit more difficult to look around. Not to mention the crazy price tags on everything― one single necklace was over $30! Although I did end up buying the jacket, I won’t be coming back to this boutique.

If you do wish to visit Jia’s, they’re located at 359 Millburn Ave and their hours are 11a.m.-6p.m. Mondays through Saturdays. They also have an online shop at

Overall, I would rate this boutique a 4/10, because although the quality of the products was good, the prices, customer service, and shop organization were all dealbreakers.

Marina’s Treasures

Of all the stores, this boutique is the most like a thrift store. The racks are packed to the brim with clothes, and anybody of any style or size can find something here. Although the store and the hangers are all way overcrowded and smushy, I will definitely be coming back to this shop. Marina’s was my friends’ favorite as well.

In addition to clothes, Marina’s also sells accessories like purses, clutches, hats, etc. This store is unique in that you can find literally anything in it. The employee-- I’m still not certain if it was Marina herself-- was very kind and friendly, and even helped my friend find her glove when she’d lost it in there.

There is only one fitting room, and it was pretty messy in there, but other than that and the overcrowdedness, I have no complaints about Marina’s Treasures. The clothes and other items are of great quality, and the customer service is remarkable.

This boutique is located at 358B Millburn Ave and is open from 10a.m.-7p.m. every day.

Overall, I would rate this boutique a 9/10. The cluttering makes it a bit difficult to shop, but the shop itself is inviting and of great quality.

And that concludes the Millburn shopping tour. Thanks for shopping with me!

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