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  • Chloe Gavula, APA

Concert Review: The Regrettes at Bowery Ballroom

Punk rockers The Regrettes performed a sold out show at Bowery Ballroom on October 3rd. Fans began queuing at 1:30 on the cold, rainy afternoon with frontwoman Lydia Night’s signature eyeliner hearts drawn on their faces. I recognized some of them from Twitter’s small, but mighty, Regrettes fan-base. The energy was high on the chilly streets of Brooklyn and lasted even after Night had stepped off the stage.

The members of the Los Angeles band, founded in 2015, are all under 25 years old, but are selling out in the United States and Great Britain alike, proving that they are on the road to being a “next big thing.” The Regrettes music is reminiscent of the punk ‘riot grrrl’ movement of the 1990s— had that movement had arisen from the doo-wop era. The blending of these genres creates a style that is uniquely theirs.

Lydia Night by Chloe Gavula

Brooklyn’s Bowery Ballroom was the perfect venue for this band. The intimate size of the packed room could barely contain the crowd’s exuberant vibe, making it feel as if the walls might burst (in a good way, of course).

Lydia Night and Brooke Dickson by Chloe Gavula

18-year-old frontwoman, Lydia Night was pure energy. Her enthusiasm was matched by the crowd as the packed room of 500 fans screamed along with her. Bassist Brooke Dickson and guitarist Genessa Gariano provided the band’s trademark edgy blare while crooning syrupy background vocals. Gariano’s phenomenal solos were a high point of the performance, commanding the crowd and amplifying the already electric energy of the set. An effective backbone of the performance, drummer Drew Thomsen was hard to spot due to the layout of the stage. Nonetheless, he ensured the band its heart-pounding beats.

Genessa Gariano and Drew Thomsen by Chloe Gavula

Openers Hala and Greer both gave breakout performances at the beginning of the gig. The crowd’s excitement multiplied as The Regrettes’ opening track, the synth-filled, spoken-word poem ‘Are You in Love?,’ began playing. At one point, Night asked all the female-identifying members of the audience to move forward, while the guys were instructed to step back. The resulting energetic, all-girl mosh pit exemplified the spirit of their 2018 hit “Poor Boy”: “Poor boy, these girls are coming for you.” Similar moments of electric chaos occurred throughout the performance, including during a politically-charged “Seashore” and an interactive mashup of early tracks “Hey Now” and “Lacy Loo.”

The Regrettes by Chloe Gavula

This sold-out gig was even more proof that The Regrettes are going places. And if you haven’t heard of them, you definitely will soon.

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