UCVTS Student Voices

Mateo Prieto, Magnet High School


As the hands on the clock inched closer to midnight, Marlene had already decided that this year had been the worst year of her life.

Granted, it was the only year of her life that she actually remembered, but it was still horrendous, regardless. At that moment, with the clock’s minute hand slowly journeying between eight and nine, Marlene rested her head on her knees in shame just thinking about all the things she had done wrong. Images flashed inside her mind, images she had tried to get rid of a thousand times already. The screaming, the laziness, the rudeness… She sighed desperately. It was too much, it overwhelmed her. And then there was the worst thing of them all. She tried hard, but it was  pointless. The image was there, front and center in her mind.

The image of Alex’s face, pained and angry, as he turned around and left her house.


Marlene shook her head. Never mind that, she thought to herself, soon that will all be gone. She smiled at the thought, comforted. Thank God for the Resetting.

She couldn’t quite remember the first time she heard about the Resetting, nor the first time it had actually been explained to her. But she knew what it was. The microchip implanted in everyone’s brain at birth, the electric memory erasure, the whole thing. Sure, she thought, not everyone agrees with it. There’s that group, the Revolters as the officials call them, they’ve been wanting to topple the system for years. But they don’t know how much good it does for people like me. They haven’t heard it described the way I’ve heard it. She recalled the words that so long ago had been spoken to her. 'When the clock hits midnight and the first second of the new year arrives, your chip will activate, everything you know, love, and hate will be forgotten, and you will get the chance to start anew.'


Marlene turned to look at the clock. Eleven forty-six, she thought. Fourteen minutes to go. Fourteen minutes, and then all her problems and troubles would disappear. She would be able to start again, this time responsibly and wisely. She would never again have to think about him. She would never again have to think about the argument.

Marlene sighed. The argument...