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I am from the tattered bunny I used to sleep with

From the old barbie dolls and pile of stuffed animals

I am from the dusty corners

And the creaking doors

I am from the long gone sassafras tree

Whose stump reminds me of times past

I am from the chewed up dog toys and the slideshow picture frame

From Ruth and John

I am from curly hair and chestnut eyes

And from chewing my tongue in deep concentration

From strong minded women

I am from the playset in the yard

I am from the unraked leaves poking through the melting snow

From rhubarb pie and baked pork

From the moment my family first set foot on this newly discovered soil

And from my mother's first trip abroad

And my first trip abroad

I am from all those small moments

That will always live in me

Anonymous, Academy for Performing Arts

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