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Mayukha A.R., Magnet High School


Incoherent grays

and bursts of explosion

that turn to days 

long past.


The cold, biting air

matches their icy fingertips.

Tucked away in the sky with care,

the world melts across the sky.


A fox’s streaking red

shows itself, before hurrying away.

The collapsed ruins of the nearby shed,

come to mind.


It had been windy that day.

The sky storming, the world angry.

They were angry, too.

Marched out of the car

with barely controlled seething steps,

opened their umbrella in

protection from the battering rain.


Had eyes not been watching them,

they would have railed too.

Dropped the umbrella and

let the rain soak them

from head to toe.

But they did nothing.

Instead it was the shed that fell apart.


They were shocked,

when they saw what the storm had done.

Its doors, perpetually locked,

now tossed in with the shambles.


Sometimes, the colors are too much to bear.

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