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Mayukha A.R., Magnet High School


As I sat, silently,
letting time pass, a group, far bigger
than I, walked up to me, faces
covered in malice and grime.


Pushes and shoves―and all of us,
falling into the dirt.

They stole and spat.

I couldn’t sob, it was too unjust.


It continued still longer.

Forever, it seemed, was contained in that hour.

Every time stronger words appeared,
louder and harsher, my own words
froze within a glimpse of their glowers.


Ugly words rose to the top, fighting
to push their way through.
Striving to keep them at bay,
to force them back, I could not
make them stop.


Frantically, I tried reeling them in,

more and more and more.

With clenched fists

and eyes shut tight.


Then – gone. Spoken in the flash
of the moment, a fit of burning anger



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