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I remember
The Light would beam out through her soul
But age would slowly take its toll

I remember
She layed on a clean White bed
By her relatives she was fed

I remember
She had a friendly freckled face
The Gleam in her eyes, so out of place

I remember
She only spoke Chinese
But she was very easy to please

I remember
Everyone around her loved her so 
But there came a day when she needed to Go

I remember
And so the Heavens called her to her place
I gave her one last loving embrace

I remember
The rain poured like a sweet Bird crying
And in the ground her body is now lying

I remember
I did not think it was a Forever Farewell
Because she is never fully gone
Like a Soaring Song in our hearts, she will always Live on

I Will Remember
My dear great Grandmother

By Sydney Chan, Academy for the Performing Arts

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