Happy Birthday

Anonymous, Magnet High School


It’s your birthday on tuesday

I don’t know whether to wish you

I can’t do what I did in the past

And broadcast it to the world 

Like they care.

But if you celebrate it this year, 

I hope I’ll be there.


The last time we celebrated your birthday 

Was three years ago.

You were out of town

And I was peeling post-it notes off of my wall.

But there was a badly wrapped present

And a long weekend involved. 


Happy Birthday,

Your phone said on the cusp of May.

The words left a wound that 

Hasn’t quite healed.


Happy Birthday,

You spent the whole day with me three years ago.

My phone reminds me whenever I feel like forgetting.


Happy Birthday,

I don’t think you’ve ever said those words to me.


Three hundred and sixty five days from Tuesday 

And a few weeks from then

And maybe a few months after that 

The question of your birthday will still be on my mind


Two words

Thirteen letters

Just tell me what to say