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congrats to the winners of the campus chronicle's 2021 Creative arts competition!

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Be on the lookout for these winning pieces and other submissions in the 2021 edition of student voices!

Multicultural Club Cookbook!

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View it in drive here!


The Youth Mindset

The Youth Mindset is a not-for-profit organization founded by AAHS juniors Nim K, Harleen R, Eileen X, Kristina C, Marisa S, Olivia H, and Andrew Y. The aim of this organization is to advocate for mental health in high schoolers of Union County. We plan to release content that will open up conversation for our generation. We cover topics ranging from stress and anxiety to depression and body positivity. We have an Instagram account currently active (@theyouthmindset) and a blog in which you can find articles about the importance of mental health and ways to stay healthy during this extended break.

Website: Click Here!


Website: Click Here!

UCVTS United Project 

The UCVTS United Project is a central location for all of UCVTS to show our COVID response. The website showcases completed service projects, ongoing service opportunities, and mental health and COVID resources. Alumni and family profiles (coming soon) highlight the hard work of the UCVTS community in response to the pandemic.

The UCVTS United Project allows the efforts of many clubs and individuals to reach a wider audience. Check it out and submit content directly on the site to be featured!

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