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Blue washes up against gray,
Pink streaks dot the canvas,
Autumn leaves bright and beautiful
Like the vibrant hues of a fiery spirit.

The warblers tell of a tale,
Their trills alarming and imminent,
Whistling wind caressing tree branches,
A gentle reminder to stand tall.

A familiar fresh scent lingers in the air,
Oddly comforting with every breath,
The taste of humidity never more present
Settles loosely in the atmosphere.

The slight chill that wraps around,
The feeling of the mist swirls past,
Humidity lays down, content for a moment,
Knowing it will have to leave soon.

As blue brushes against gray,
Both warbler and wind call,
Ocean scent floats inland,
It approaches steadily.

Natalie Lee, Magnet High School

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